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Belt type circulating hot air oven

Product advantages
Wide range of applications, can be used for a variety of aquatic feed, pet food, food particles and fruits and vegetables tea drying.
Detailed introduction

•Wide range of applications, can be used for a variety of aquatic feed, pet food, food particles and fruits and vegetables tea drying.

•The motor is directly connected and driven, the operation is stable, the frequency conversion is infinitely variable, the drying index is accurate, and energy is saved.

•Quick and easy installation, easy maintenance. Modular combination, easy to repair and transform.

•Hot air from bottom to top and evenly dried, the hot air penetration direction of the bottom drying section and the moisture absorption and exhaust position of the main induced draft fan are optimized, Minimize energy consumption and reduce material drying unevenness,

•3-6mm template buoyant aqua feed energy consumption is only 17-20 kg steam / ton output / drop 1% moisture.

•Use insulation box, laser cutting once in a row, integrated welding automatic welding machine, the appearance of beautiful and clean.

•There are many choices in the transmission department, such as chain plates, mesh belts, and support rods.

•Use feeders and other materials to reasonably control the material thickness. Ensure the stability and uniformity of drying.



Drying section


Product (T)


Conveyor width (mm)


Drying length (m)


Drying layer


Drive motor (KW)


Circulation fan (KW/block


Fan number 


Heat sink number PC/block


Steam consumption (M3/H


Total power


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