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Vacuum feeding system

Product advantages
The vacuum feeding machine is a kind of dustless closed pipe conveying equipment which USES vacuum negative pressure to transport particles and powder materials.
Detailed introduction

The vacuum feeding machine is a kind of dustless closed pipe conveying equipment which USES vacuum negative pressure to transport particles and powder materials. The pressure difference between the vacuum and the environment space is used to form the gas flow in the pipeline and drive the movement of powdery materials, so as to complete the conveying of powders.

Vacuum transport is pipe closed transport, this kind of transportation can eliminate dust environmental pollution, improve the working environment, reduce environmental and personnel pollution to materials, and improve cleanliness; As a result of pipeline transport, the space occupied is small, it can complete the powder transport of narrow space, making the working room beautiful and generous; At the same time, vacuum transportation can reduce the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency, which is the first choice for most powder materials.

•Completely closed transport, avoid dust, also fundamentally eliminate the external impact on materials.

•Simple structure, easy to disassemble and clean.

•The interior is smooth with no dead Angle and no material residue, meeting the requirements of the state for medicine, food and military industry.

•Less moving parts, simple operation, maintenance, maintenance and low cost.

•High degree of automation, can easily form automatic production process with the above and below equipments.

•Beautiful, generous, with a strong visual effect, also has a good effect on improving corporate image.

•The production noise and vibration are low, has little effect on upstream and downstream equipment.













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