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How to choose pet food equipment mold?

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Reading Guide:Enterprises often encounter the problem that they do not know whether to choose dry expansion or wet expansion equipment at the beginning. Objectively speaking
Enterprises often encounter the problem that they do not know whether to choose dry expansion or wet expansion equipment at the beginning. Objectively speaking, wet expansion equipment is more suitable for modern industrial production, with high output, low energy consumption and relatively stable product quality. However, due to the pressure of large capital investment and the placement of coal-fired facilities in many sites, some enterprises are forced to give up, At this time, it depends on the specific situation of the enterprise. Generally speaking, for those enterprises with less investment and small scale, or some professional dog farms, it is more appropriate to choose a small dry extruder, because the dry extruder requires a small floor area, saves the investment of coal-fired pressure equipment, and the operation is relatively simple. However, for those enterprises that require high output and a certain scale, small dry expansion equipment is difficult to meet the future demand anyway.

The reason why pet food finally becomes a variety of beautiful shapes is determined by the "forming" of the last process in the expansion process, and what determines the forming is the mold. What shape to choose and what mold to use is also an aesthetic problem. At present, the common shapes in the market are bone, triangle, cylindrical, cubic and so on, Although these shapes are meaningless to pets, the size of pet food particles and whether they are convenient for pets to eat and swallow have a direct impact on palatability. Pet dogs are too small for those particles, or too many dog food particles for small dogs are inconvenient to eat or even refuse to eat, which will hinder the normal eating habits of pet dogs, It will have a negative effect on palatability. Moreover, the beauty of pet food particles also affects the pet owner's purchase desire. What particles are preferred by pet owners and what shapes can make people look more comfortable? According to the survey data of a professional pet industry website, more than 40% of pet owners first consider the shape of particles when choosing pet food. It is generally believed that oval, circular or cylindrical is the most acceptable, followed by triangle, cube and bone. For other strange shapes, unless they have a very high popularity, Generally not easy to choose.
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